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Student reviews for Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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(Context: I studied Physics for 6 years and then worked in a consultancy for 3 more years) I think the length of the course (classes from September to April + subsequent TFM) has its advantages and disadvantages. In my case, the fact that the master's degree only lasts one year it is totally an advantage, as I have been able to afford to be o...
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Pol Carrera
Good program with many specializations available (antennas, microwaves, mobile communicaytions, electronics...). Given the circumstances, good experience. It gives the title of Superior Telecom Engineer (within Spanish territory).
The program is very complete and most of the professors are outstanding. Totally recommended.
Jorge A Reyes Farías
High-level scientific knowledge, and excellent management of the covid situation for all the students. The 100% english offer is sucessfully achieved.
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