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Dmitry P.

I really enjoyed the fact that teachers had both a theoretical background and the ability to translate the different theorems we learnt into real-life scenarios […] I did my internship in the mergers and acquisitions division of an investment bank. I wanted a challenging experience, tough in terms of expectations and where I could apply what I l...

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The ESSET program is full of challenges and fun. It has a very different approach to what I was used to. The program teaches you to do your own research, interpret the information founded and come to a conclusion base on the information. In addition, you learn to work with different personalities since each period you are with a totally diff...

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Mido Essam

Al Hamdu’lil’Lah with the support of helpful tutors I was able to achieve in passing the Electrical & Electronic engineering course, I’m just waiting for my certificate to arrive from UK in the meantime, I recommend this University

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