Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Chemical and Process Engineering

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About this program

Engineers design the future. They provide innovative solutions to meet the needs of our modern world. From buildings and bridges, to apps and smart devices, to pharmaceuticals and renewable energy, engineering feats are everywhere.

The Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (BE(Hons)) is a four-year professional degree. The degree is accredited by Engineering New Zealand, allowing our graduates to work as professionally qualified engineers all over the world.

‌Engineers revolutionise the world. With a chemical and process engineering degree you will do that by tackling some of society's greatest challenges:

  • supplying clean, safe drinking water
  • creating sustainable energy opportunities
  • improving society's health and well-being,
  • providing a sustainable food supply.

Chemical and process engineers transform raw materials into processed, marketable products by chemical, physical or biological means. They take experiments performed in the laboratory and operate them on a commercial-scale taking into account economics, safety and sustainability. Others are involved in the research and development of new products and processes, such as those in nanotechnology, biotechnology or advanced materials. It is the only traditional Engineering discipline that explicitly builds on Physics, Chemistry and Biological studies along with the mathematical rigour required of all engineers.

Minors in Bioprocess Engineering and Energy Processing Technologies

If you are interested in Biological as well as Engineering, the Bioprocess Engineering minor is worth considering. Bioprocess Engineering uses biology for sustainable and more effective processes and design of products such as protein, alcoholic beverages, vitamins, dairy products, detergents, confectionery, processed foods and clean water.

For those keen on sustainable engineering harnessing energy from natural resources, the Energy Processing Technologies minor will allow you to gain skills tackling environmental issues raised by extracting raw materials such as fossil fuels, and renewable energy.

How do I plan my degree?

The first year of the degree is called the Engineering Intermediate Year and comprises nine courses (120 points) which is made up of:

  • five compulsory courses and
  • four further Intermediate Year courses which vary depending on which Engineering discipline you want to specialise in.

The Intermediate Year is followed by three Professional Years of study in one of the Engineering disciplines. Entry to the Professional Years is limited and based on your performance in the first year(s). All students must also complete one compulsory course in their First Professional Year, and 800 hours (approximately 100 days) of practical work placement.

Career opportunities

Chemical and process engineers work in areas such as renewable energy, biofuels, environmental control, fermentation, waste treatment, food industry, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. The petrochemical industry continues to grow and employs chemical engineers at oil refineries and a number of gas processing plants. Managing these and other precious resources provides excellent career opportunities for our graduates in the manufacture of aluminium, steel, and fertilisers.

Alternative career paths for our graduates include operational and asset management, finance, research, consulting, and marketing. Some of our graduates ultimately take company leadership positions.

Graduates are eligible for membership of both IChemE and Engineering New Zealand after a period of experience as a practising engineer.

Admission requirements

For more information about this program, please contact the school directly.

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