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Bachelor in Environmental Science and Engineering

Full time
Bachelor's degree
Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA)

Program description

Harvard scholarsOur society’s influence on the natural world’s ecosystems and resources has never been more pronounced or problematic than it is today. In order to better understand and address environmental challenges, environmental scientists and engineers provide technical solutions and advance innovations in environmental measurements, modeling, and control through the application of scientific and engineering principles.

Environmental scientists and engineers:

  • Protect human health from adverse environmental conditions
  • Protect local and global environments from deleterious effects of human activities
  • Measure, model, and improve environmental quality
  • Evaluate and model climate change and climate/energy interactions

Students in the environmental science and engineering bachelor program study the fundamental processes and technologies underlying environmental systems, including natural and polluted waters and soils, the atmosphere, climate, and energy.

Students learn to apply these principles to develop solutions to complex environmental problems and to mitigate human impacts on the environment. Undergraduate research and design projects in environmental science and engineering cut across departments and schools, and cover topics in environmental technology, atmospheric sciences, environmental chemistry, water management, energy, climate, and oceanography.

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