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Medical Engineering

This Medical Engineering discussion forum is aimed to provide a platform for students interested in the fields of biomedical/ pharmaceutical engineering, or BME,to share their experiences, advice and ask each other questions regarding studying in this complex field.

Please feel free to post your questions and in turn, provide feedback and advice to other biomedical/ pharmaceutical engineering students' forum posts.

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1 how strict are the entry requirements? 5/11/2012   Test I've seen several biomedical engineering courses list advanced biology and physics as prerequisites - how strict are they on this?
2 How can I get admission 5/4/2012   Test What is the best way to ensure I'll be admitted to a Biomedical Engineering course?
1 Medical Engineering requirements 4/27/2012   Mark Fisher I'd like to know about the general medical engineering higher education requirements? Does a general high school degree suffice?
0 Medicine Dr v Engineer 3/27/2012   Michael Johnsson Hi I'm interested in medicine, and debating between studying medical engineering or medicine to become a doctor. Do you have any advice? Thanks!
0 Medical Dr or Engineer? 3/12/2012   Tiffany Hewt I'm debating whether to study Medical Engineering or Medicine to become a doctor. What are the pros and cons of each?
3 Online Degree 1/18/2012   Darren Can you study medical engineering online? Is there anyone out there who has tried it and how did it go?
0 Study medicine in eastern Europe 8/29/2011   Maria Hi, I come from the UK and I wish to study Medicine to become a doctor. I have heard that there are many countries in eastern Europe that provide medical training, and for a lot cheaper tha...

Biomedical Engineering

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