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Integrated courses for Engineering programes - Forum

4/7/2015 7:10 AM   shatanjeev

I want to know if there are any integrated courses for B.s and M.s course in electronic Engineering. Also provide me with a date when can I start and about the best university and there selection criteria. Thanqu

RE: Integrated courses for Engineering programes
4/7/2015 10:24 AM   Brittany Holtsinger


We have many programs listed in electronic engineering at a bachelor and master level. You may browse through the schools we have listed here. Using our filters, you can search by location, level, scholarship, or internship. Once you find a program of interest, please complete an information request form. This will be sent directly to the school and they'll happily assist you further. 

As for the school, it's difficult to advise which university is the best as there are many different criteria for students to consider when selecting a school. A few things you may want to consider is the rank of the school internationally, the rank of the specific program you are interested in studying, or the qualifications/ specializations of the degree. Each application deadlines varies so it's best to inquire about each one individually. 

Best of luck with your studies,

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