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Displaying 1-20 of 203 results

More about Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering

Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical EngineeringBiomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineers aim to improve the rapidly growing field of medical practice and health care delivery. There are a number of specializations within biomedical engineering such as biomaterials, medical imaging, and biomechanics, which integrate both the design and problem-solving skills of engineering with biological and medical sciences.

A few specific examples of biomedical engineering applications are therapeutic and diagnostic medical devises, imaging equipment (MRIs and EEGs), microscopic machines used in surgery, and pharmaceutical drugs. They also may develop prostheses, improve instrumentation, and evaluate the use of artificial organs.

Educational Courses in Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering

Biomedical/ pharmaceutical engineering students first gain a firm grasp of general engineering and the life sciences. They study statistics, mathematics, and then more advanced multidimensional biomedical signal analysis and generation and biomedical modelling. It is also important for Biomedical Engineers to have good communication skills, as they link medical, technical, and scientific professionals.

There are a variety of study options available worldwide within Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering:

Bachelor degree in Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering

Master’s degree in Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering

Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical engineering educationCareers in Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering

Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineers have a wide variety of career options available to them. At hospitals, biomedical engineers may advise on the use of medical equipment, supervising its testing and maintenance. Biomedical engineers may also work in government positions, testing products and establishing safety standards for them. The demand for biomedical engineers is increasing as people live longer, have greater medical needs, and require more cost-effective medical products. Biomedical/ pharmaceutical engineering is an exciting field to enter, and one with many opportunities for people who enjoy science and engineering.

Biomedical Engineering

Study Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering

Do you enjoy mathematics and life sciences? If so, the study of biomedical or pharmaceutical engineering might be for you!

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