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Education Programs in Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering

Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering Education

Education Programs in Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering

The study of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Engineering is usually pursued by students who enjoy mathematics, statistics, and the life sciences. The fields of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Engineering are, in essence, the application of engineering principles to analyse and develop solutions to problems in biology and medicine.

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The fields of both pharmaceutical and biomedical engineering are critical in research for new procedures and solving existing medical problems. It is important that pharmaceutical/ biomedical engineering education courses include instruction of how to combine engineering and life science modelling by applying engineering tools to medicine.

Study of biomedical and pharmaceutical engineering first provides an in-depth knowledge of the life sciences and engineering, then moves on to advanced coursework within medical informatics and biomedical modelling.  Upon gaining a pharmaceutical or biomedical education degree, graduates can be assured that a variety of exciting career opportunities will be available to them.

Biomedical Engineering

Study Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering

Do you enjoy mathematics and life sciences? If so, the study of biomedical or pharmaceutical engineering might be for you!

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