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The University of Warwick

Perhaps it’s the joy you feel in learning something new, your passion for your subject and your enthusiasm to explore what you’re capable of.

If so, you’ll want to be somewhere that challenges you academically, where your curiosity is encouraged and you have opportunities to pursue your own research as an undergraduate. You’ll want teaching staff who will inspire and support you in equal measure. And you’ll relish the chance to work with friends and fellow students, who can offer fresh insights to extend your understanding.

Maybe it’s your ambition to be a front-runner in a fast-moving world that sets you apart. If you’re determined to reach the top of your field, you can make it easier by giving yourself the best start – a Russell Group university, for example. An institution that’s constantly present in the rankings of the UK’s and the world’s greatest universities.

You may see yourself making an impact on the world around you, motivated by the need to change things for the better. With the backing of a university committed to tackling the toughest global challenges through collaborative research and unbounded thinking, you can harness your frustration at the state of the world into a positive drive for change.

Looking ahead, you’ll want well-signposted access into prestigious global and national learning, research and employment networks. And to fulfil your career ambitions, you’ll welcome the mark of quality provided by an institution that is among the world’s most highly regarded universities by employers.

If you need the space to be an individual, a warm and welcoming campus will help you feel at home. Especially one that’s safe and supportive yet always surprising. You’ll appreciate belonging to a truly cosmopolitan student community and having access to more than 300 student-run clubs and societies. If you have top sporting facilities, a major arts centre, outdoor spaces to relax and unwind, and a hugely active Students’ Union on your doorstep too, you’ll benefit from an environment that helps you enjoy a full life outside of the lecture theatre.

Whoever you are, there will be a subject or interest that evokes the strongest of feelings. So be somewhere where you can embrace that emotion.

We want you to be excited. To be analytical. To be creative. And, if there are occasions when you’re unsure, we want you to feel supported and cared for.

We want you to be proud of what you achieve but, just as importantly, to enjoy the experience along the way.

Welcome to Warwick.


University of Warwick

CV4 7AL Coventry


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