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Trine University

Trine University, established in 1884 as a university to educate and nurture future professors and teachers, has evolved over time into an institute of inculcating and imparting  knowledge and learning. Through Trine’s small class size of 17:1, invaluable focus and collaboration of faculty and students, and state of the art facilities, Trine is ranked among the best Mid-West universities in the US (US News and Ranking). Trine has grown through the years with the kind and continuous support of the alumni, who have heavily contributed towards the $155 million spent by the University, among other contributions, since 2000. 

Trine University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The schools at Trine are also accredited as follows: 

  • Allen School of Engineering and Computing: ABET, FEF
  • Franks School of Education: CAEP and DOE/OELD 
  • College of Health Professionals: CAPTE, ARC-PA, CAAHEP, ARCSTSA
  • Ketner School of Business: ACBSP

The Franks School of Education is also launching a new Montessori system that will be regionally, nationally and internationally accredited. 

This rich and diverse environment allows Trine graduates to develop holistically and enter their workplace environment with confidence and succeed. Trine University has boasted high employment rates upward of 99% consistently throughout the past years. Our current students, faculty and alumni are testimony to that, with members from distinguished establishments like NASA, Shell, Ernst & Young, Google, Amazon, Disney, FBI, Secret Service and General Electric to name a few, they have the drive and will to make the change in the world that they wish to see. 

Scholarships & funding

There are a variety of scholarships, on-campus jobs and financial aid packages of various calibers. Please reach out and contact your admission counsellor for more information.

Why study at Trine University

Trine's philosophy of teaching has always been to put the student first. The small class sizes of 17:1, be it a 100-level or a 400-level course, are intended to provide individual attention to students and allow our experienced professors to understand students and help bring their potential out. The individual, focused attention also allows students to clear their doubts in a one-on-one session or be able to take part in study groups that happen in the evening for students to learn in a holistic, enriching environment. The state-of-the-art facilities at the university, whether in athletics, engineering, business and management or arts and sciences, enable Trine students to gain real-world experience and get a leg up in the field.

Education at Trine is focused at producing graduates whose skills are tailored to industry, allowing students to embark upon successful career paths. Learning to operate different kinds of manufacturing equipment or processes, making your own video game, learning when to disinvest from a company — all these learnings and experiences are delivered in a way to maximize learning and retention.

As an incentive for undergraduate students to join, Trine offers on-campus jobs, scholarships, and financial aid packages of different calibers. With the efforts of both well-connected professors and the Career Center, motivated and high-performing undergraduate students are able to participate in internships and co-ops under the curricular practical training (CPT) program after their first academic year. Trine’s hybrid graduate classes are a unique blend of seated and virtual classes that allow those students to pursue industrial experience while taking classes. CPT allows for undergraduate and graduate students to have US work experience during their degree program.

With an employment rate of more than 99% within six months of graduation over the past seven years, Trine University prepares you for the workforce. Part of the reason for this is that Trine is located in the industrially rich region of the Tri-State area. With so many different companies in the region, this is a melting pot of opportunity, international and domestic, for Trine University students. Trine is also just 40 minutes away from Fort Wayne, the second largest city in Indiana. Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Indianapolis are just a three-hour drive away from the university, offering convenient excursions for food, culture, transportation and leisure. Such an environment makes Angola, Indiana, a very calm and peaceful city, devoid of most distractions from studies while still allowing students to kick back and relax over the weekends.

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Awards & Accreditations

Accredited Institute


Accredited Institute


Accredited Institute


Accredited Institute


Accredited Institute


Accredited Institute


Student services & facilities

  • Multiple organizations to fit everyone’s needs (academic, clubs and organizations, Greek life, honor societies, intramural events, student government).
  • With more than 30 different teams for 25 sports for men and women, Trine University has seven specialized facilities that are used by our Athletics department to bring out our athlete's best.
  • It′s the goal of Trine's health and wellness programs to enhance our students' overall wellbeing and to empower students to reach their maximum potential. The student health and wellness clinic can provide comprehensive health services to meet the medical and psychological needs of our students.
  • Our standards at Trine are very high. Our dining facilities and experiences are beyond exceptional.
  • By proactively engaging in activities that promote security awareness and crime prevention, Trine's Campus Safety strives to create a safe place to learn, work and live.


Angola/Main Campus

Home to Trine University since 1884, the 450-acre main campus in Angola, Indiana, offers convenient access to the Fort Wayne International Airport as well as major metropolitan areas such as Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland. Trine’s main campus offers about 40 undergraduate degree programs and a vibrant campus life with athletics and student activities.

Detroit Education Center

Open since 2018, Trine University's Detroit (Michigan) Education Center is located at 1000 Republic Drive, Suite 520, Allen Park. It is near the Henry Ford Museum, approximately 20 minutes from downtown Detroit and 15 minutes from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The site offers international students the opportunity to earn a master's degree through Trine University.

Phoenix Education Center

Located in the Maricopa County Medical Society Building, 326 E Coronado Rd., Phoenix, the center will have faculty and staff available to assist students throughout the region. It is conveniently located within a mile of three different Metro Light Rail stops and a 10-minute drive from Sky Harbor Airport.

Student lifestyle

Trine university provides a unique lifestyle experience for students. As a small college city, Angola provides a respite from a larger city’s hustle and bustle, and places Trine in quintessential America. With loads of open spaces, a great international community and fraternity (no, not the Greek life one) from current international students, Trine has everything it needs to become your home away from home. Having had international students from 90+ countries, Trine is uniquely equipped for providing holistic learning and education in a nurturing environment. Being a small school also uniquely promotes this feeling of community and fraternity. (Caught you again!)

There are many events throughout the year, including Welcome Week events, Homecoming, mid-week events that happen throughout the semester, spring and fall bash, excursions to other cities and a trip to Cedar Point, the second-oldest operating amusement park in the country. Before the beginning of every semester, there is Bingo for Bucks, a time where students can win exciting prizes like TVs, headphones, meal plans for the semester and even things like laptops and PS5s, just by playing Bingo. Trine events are broadcast weekly to students’ Trine email, so you will always be connected with what is happening at the university. If for some reason you missed the email, you can always rely on your friends and the international/campus community to invite you.

When it comes to international events, Trine University plans iNIGHT, the annual International Night, where the Trine campus, local community and even members from throughout the Tri-State area come together to celebrate Trine’s commitment to diversity and to recognize and celebrate the various cultures represented on campus. Other events celebrated at Trine are: Chinese New Year, Eid, Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, Diwali and Holi, among others.

Classes are divided by credit hours and are generally one hour long. The academic advisors at Trine are well-equipped to guide students of all types to provide them with the best schedule for them and help them grow. Outside of classes, all the time is yours. If you have a two-hour break between classes, you will be the master of yourself and your time.

In addition to on-campus facilities, there are many places off-campus you can explore. The YMCA of Angola is a small bike ride away from campus. During the summer, there is free membership for international students! Free movie Monday is when the Brokaw Theatre in city gives free tickets to Trine students to watch the movie of the week. With so many events organized by the university and City of Angola, there might be something that will pique your interest and get you involved.


Traditional Dorms

Traditional dorm rooms are double occupancy and residents on each floor share restroom facilities. Each room is equipped with Internet access. Students have a laundry facility and student lounge in the building.

Apartment-style Dorms

There are three different apartment-style dorm groups: Golf Course Apartments, Widmann Hall and University Center Apartments, and the Moss Street Apartments Apartment-style dorms have double-room occupancy, two- or three-bedroom apartments that offer a common living area and semi-private baths. Each suite is climate-controlled. In the common area of each suite, leather seating and a table and chair set are provided. On the main level in each building, students have access to a vending area and a common lounge area with wireless Internet access, a large-screen TV and fireplace. Located on the lower level is the game room; laundry areas are located on each floor.

Reiners/Stadium Halls

These residences feature carpeted rooms with a private bath and air conditioning. Students share an open space and kitchen located on the main level of the building. The rooms are among the largest on campus, ranging from 355 to 384 square feet, and are equipped with one set of bunk beds and one loft bed, comfortably accommodating three students. Reiners Residence Hall and Stadium Hall are located on Thunder Drive between Fred Zollner Athletic Stadium and Hershey Hall.


The Campus Village includes the Ingledue and Trine villas, which are located at the corner of Thunder Drive and Oakwood Street. These fully furnished, townhouse-style villas feature private bedrooms with Internet access in each room, semi-private baths, and full kitchen areas. Each apartment is climate-controlled and has a washer and dryer. In total, the Campus Village houses 112 upper-class students who are eligible to live in a three-, four-, or five-bedroom villa. Eligibility is based on the combined GPA of the group. Also, each group member must have at least 60 credits and have lived on campus for at least four semesters.

New and upcoming

Paying tribute to the many contributions of the Fabiani family, the new Fabiani residence hall will bring 101 additional beds to campus and is expected to be open by the beginning of the fall 2021 semester. The new building will feature apartment-style residences similar to the university’s Reiners and Stadium residence halls. Carpeted rooms, comfortably accommodating two students, will include a private bath and air conditioning. The new building will be located on Thunder Drive between the MTI Center and Ryan Tennis Center.


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Nikolaos Rivera

It's hard to put into words how much my experience at Trine has meant to me. Over the past few years, I've managed to make some of the best friends and experiences of my life. I knew from the first experience I had with Trine's transfer coordinator that Trine was a different caliber of school. She had told me that if I didn't absolutely love Tri...

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A Ramon Vargas

There are many reasons I consider Trine is a great university. One of these is because Trine truly supports its students regardless their nationality or gender. The university offers amazing opportunities to their students so that they can improve their skills by inviting them to participate in several cultural and educational activities. In add...

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V Krishna

Trine University has been an impeccable source of knowledge that helped me design my career in such a way that I have totally been in love with what I am doing. And it exposed me to a new culture and diversity of people and helped me grow in area other than education alone. The academic staff are very supportive and always reliable. And the most...

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Trine University

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