Student reviews for Politecnico di Milano

Average rating 4.8

Based on 5 reviews.


My experience here was great. I met many people, friends, professors, all of them were pretty good. The quality of the lessons and laboratories are good and also, the university campus is a nice place to have fun.

Raul Calani Jimenez

The working hours were compatible with my studies, I enjoyed working for it!


Very good program, the university has many opportunities and I found most of the courses pretty well taught and structured.


This MSc has given me all the necessary knowledge to land a great job right after graduation. My experience during the MSc was very positive; the relationship with the professor and assistants went well beyond my expectations. Since graduating and starting work for a telecommunications consulting company, I have further realized how well conne...

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During my MSc. I learned many relevant technical skills that have guided me through my doctoral studies. The level of competitiveness of the Master's readied me to the challenges in the upcoming stage as a researcher. Nevertheless, in the personal aspects, there was growth as well, my adaptability was significantly improved at Politecnico as I ...

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