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Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine

Study at a center of excellence in Cyprus

The Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM) is a School of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING), a Center of Excellence in basic and applied research in biomedical and clinical sciences. The Institute aims to combine services, research and education so as to ultimately improve the quality of life of patients and with the establishment of the School, the CING has paved the way for a new generation of scientists. The Institute consists of Clinics and Departments in the areas of Clinical Neurology, Clinical Genetics, Electron Microscopy/Molecular Pathology, Molecular Virology, Biochemical Genetics, Cytogenetics & Genomics, Molecular Genetics Thalassaemia, Cardiovascular Genetics & Forensic Genetics, Neurogenetics and Molecular Genetics, Function & Therapy. The Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine, housed within the CING premises provides students with a unique educational experience combining taught courses and research conducted in specialized state-of the-art laboratories, in the areas of neurology, genetics and biomedical sciences. The School’s seven programs are:

  • MSc in Molecular Genetics
  • MSC in Medical Genetics
  • MSc in Neuroscience
  • MSc in Biomedical Research
  • PhD in Molecular Medicine
  • PhD in Medical Genetics
  • PhD in Neuroscience

MSc Programs
The MSc programs are organized around taught courses, (including tutorial sessions for each course on a weekly basis) and a library or research project carried out in the Institute’s laboratories. Successful students must pass all course examinations and the MSc Thesis Examination in order to be awarded the MSc degree. The CSMM offers 12-month MSc programs in full-time mode and 24-month MSc programs in part-time mode.

PhD Programs

The PhD programs are organized around taught courses, (including tutorial sessions for each course on a weekly basis) and a research project (thesis work) carried out in the Institute’s laboratories. Successful students must pass all course examinations, the PhD Thesis Examination and have at least one first author publication in a peer-reviewed journal in order to be awarded a PhD degree. The CSMM offers four-year doctoral programs.

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Programs Location
MSc Biomedical Research Nicosia
MSc in Medical Genetics Nicosia
MSc in Molecular Medicine Nicosia
MSc Neuroscience Nicosia

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Scholarships & funding

Publicly-Funded Grants

Students of Cypriot nationality are entitled to apply for a Government grant based on the Government’s assessment criteria for local students.

CSMM Scholarships

The School offers scholarships to MSc students subject to availability. These include full and partial scholarships to cover tuition fees and are based on academic criteria.
The exact amount and number of scholarships offered are always subject to the yearly budget of the School.

Various types of scholarships are available specifically for Ph.D. students, for years 2, 3, and 4 which may cover costs of consumables and/or a monthly allowance and/or tuition fees. For more information, contact the Education Office.



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Why study at Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine

Education for the next generation of scientists!

Choose the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM) for an exceptional educational experience in a real work environment. The CSMM is the postgraduate school of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING), a leading research center in the region. The School offers MSc and PhD programs in Molecular Medicine, Medical Genetics, Neuroscience and Biomedical Research. The CSMM provides an unrivaled educational experience to students, who can expect to be taught and mentored by the leading Biomedical Scientists and Neurologists in Cyprus, while also working alongside them in their respective laboratories.

The programs are suitable for graduates with a background in medicine, biological and related sciences, genetics, neuroscience, biomedicine, chemistry and other related fields, who would like to progress to MSc or PhD level. The CING has the largest and most technologically developed research infrastructure in Cyprus and the neighboring area in the sectors of neurology, genetics, biomedical, medical and related sciences, offering the CSMM’s students a plethora of research opportunities, supported through competitive research grants obtained from national and international funding bodies.

The programs of the CSMM are fully accredited in Cyprus and recognized internationally. Furthermore, for countries outside the EU which are requiring their own accreditation procedure, the CSMM has achieved accreditation from the Sultanate of Oman, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the People’s Republic of China.

The CSMM is a small School with a high ratio of academic staff to students. We are selective in our admissions process in order to ensure that the students will be working side-by-side with the experienced scientists and doctors, the CSMM academic staff. The School is non-profit, ensuring that emphasis is given on quality education over income.

Awards & Accreditations

The Cyprus Authorities and as a result internationally


Sultanate of Oman


Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


People’s Republic of China


Student services & facilities

The Library of the School consists of reference books, journals, and other reference and reading material. The academic staff and students have access to Electronic journals and databases, Current scientific journals and books, Printing and photocopying facilities, Student PCs and laptop stations, Meeting area, WI-Fi access

A cafeteria operates within the Institute's premises with subsidised prices for all CING employees and CSMM students.
The Cafeteria offers hot and cold beverages, a selection of sweet and savoury snacks, salads as well as a lunch buffet


The School is housed within the premises of its parent organisation, The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics in the capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia.

Student lifestyle

The area within the proximity of the School is buzzing with activity due to the local student population, as well as the businesses/offices operating within the area. Amenities within a short distance include a mall, various shops, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, banks etc.

The Transportation Organization of Nicosia District, runs a regular bus service within the local area and other parts of Nicosia as well as to the city centre. Corresponding organizations also run routes in other cities and towns across Cyprus, allowing you to explore the island comfortably and affordably!


Students of the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine can choose from a great range of private apartments and houses within walking distance of the School. The Education Office may assist students in finding their accommodation for the duration of their studies. It is advised to begin searching for accommodation as early as possible.

Monthly living expenses are estimated to be between €680 – €850 including rent.


Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine

Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine
6 International Airport Avenue

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