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Student reviews for Anglo-American University

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Of all the schools I've been to this is the one stood out for really exceeding expectations, a special place beyond it's reputation. AAU combines a personal approach with a truly global outlook and a very culturally diverse environment. It also provided a community that last well beyond graduation.
Elizabeth Novacek
Anglo-American University gave me a lot with its small classroom sizes which allowed in-depth discussions and also building meaningful connections with other students and the professor. For studying international relations, it was invaluable to be studying history and theory with students from all over the world. I certainly came out with a much...
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Ziv Semadar
Besides learning a lot about interesting, eclectic subjects (electives), the core of the program primarily builds a person's solid understanding of the processes and trends that have shaped the last-modern/post-industrial world. Additionally, going through the program enables undergrads to acquire strong learning and critical analysis methods ...
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