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More about Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineeringThe aim of mechanical engineering is to figure out how things work – namely mechanical systems – and develop new innovations for these mechanical systems to improve our world. This design and analysis may be for manufacturing plants, machinery, transport systems, medical devices, aircraft, watercraft, or industrial equipment.

Mechanical engineers use a variety of tools in their work. Computer-aided engineering is becoming increasingly common, for instance to generate 2D and 3D solid modeling, allowing for easier visualisation of products and the ability to create virtual assemblies of parts. Product lifecycle management is another tool often used by mechanical engineers.

The work of mechanical engineers is crucial in today’s society. Evidence of their skills and knowledge is everywere, both in mechanical and non-mechanical systems.

Education Courses in Mechanical Engineering

Schools around the world offer mechanical engineering education programs, which prepare students for professions in a wide variety of sectors such as public services, industry, finance, and consultancy. In some countries, students must gain work experience through placements with an engineering firm in order to earn their degree.

Accreditation of mechanical engineers comes from various professional engineering bodies, depending on the country. Requirements vary, but attempt to provide a uniformity in fundamental subject matter, instilling confidence in the profession and competence among graduates. Licensure may be on a state, provincial, or national level, and ensure practicing mechanical engineers understand the laws under which they work. Types of accreditation are Chartered Engineer, Professional Engineer, or European Engineer, depending on location.

Mechanical engineering educationThere are a variety of study options available worldwide within Mechanical Engineering:

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering

Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering

Careers in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers research, develop, design, control, manage, and construct new devices and systems used by society, improving and updating them constantly. They often specialize in such areas as air conditioning, manufacturing, robotics, or automotive/ transportation.

Biomedical Engineering

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