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Sound Engineering

Audio / Sound Engineering is an area of education with both a technical and creative aspect. Many students would like to be involved in sound engineering but are unsure of the best way to get into the industry.

This sound engineering forum is for students that are interested in this field of study to ask each other questions, provide feedback and advice. Please feel free to post your questions to like-minded students.

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2 Integrated courses for Engineering programes 4/7/2015   shatanjeev I want to know if there are any integrated courses for B.s and M.s course in electronic Engineering. Also provide me with a date when can I start and about the best university and there select...
1 How can I study sound engineering 4/26/2012   Test What are the recommendations for entry into a course in sound engineering?
0 Sound Engineering in South Africa 4/2/2012   Calle Johannson What education courses can you recommend for sound engineering in South Africa (if any)?
0 Sound Engineering in Australia 3/28/2012   Janice Jackson Hi, what education programmes do you recommend for sound engineering in Australia?
0 Time frame for sound engineering 3/19/2012   Cathy McHale Hi, I'd really like to work as a sound engineer and I'm wondering what's the standard time frame for getting the appropriate qualification? And also, what would you recommend, pleasen let me k...
0 Sound Engineering in the USA 3/16/2012   Edward Harrison I heard Chicago is the best place to study sound engineering. Can any confirm or argue this? THx
0 Interaction with Artists? 3/13/2012   Kelsey Razdak How much interaction do sound engineers get with the artists they work with? I'm debating studying sound engineering, but I want to work with the artists a lot....
0 Best education in india 2/26/2012 Hi, This will be really helpfull to all your queries. you can find everything related to your problemes here.Find different-2 amazing solutions to your problems HERE ONLY..
0 Have you studied in the UK? 1/18/2012   Madi Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has studied sound engineering in the UK and what it was like. I really wanna live in London but not sure if it's the right place to pursue my degree?
0 Electronic vs Electrical 1/10/2012   Mason Callahan What are the long-term career benefits of studying electronic versus electrical engineering?
0 SAE Institute 12/20/2011   Matt hello, is there anyone out there who has studied sound engineering at one of SAE's institutes and would like to tell me what it was like`?
2 How to be a music engineer 5/26/2011   Roody I want to work in recording studios and clubs working with what I love, music! Do I need a formal qualification in order to do this job or can I teach myself or learn from experience? How d...

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