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Software Engineering

This Software Engineering discussion forum is aimed to provide a platform for students interested in the fields of Computer / Software engineering to share their experiences, advice and ask each other questions regarding studying in this fast moving field.

Computer/ software engineering is a technically demanding and fast evolving industry concerned with the design and development of software such as computer games, network control systems, business application, and operating systems for computers and mobile technology. due to the pace of development it can be hard to know what to study.

Please feel free to post your questions and in turn, provide feedback and advice to other computer / software engineering students' forum posts.

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0 Admission in European University 8/7/2016   chirayu I am a +2 graduate from Nepal and I am looking forward for my Bachelor degree in Europe. Can I get admission in any university around Europe in 2016 if I apply now? Please help me.
3 Intro to Software Engineering 5/2/2012   Angelica Jacobson Hi, I wondered if you could give me any advice about getting an introduction to software engineering. I think I want to study it, but would like to know the basics before deciding... thanks!
1 Computer Requirements 4/23/2012   Jason Hutchinson How good skills with computers do you need to study software engineering?
1 App development 3/19/2012   Hans Ghunter Hello, I would like to learn how to develop my own apps. I know it's already a big industry and can only see it growing rapidly in the next few years. So I'm wondering if there are any program...
0 Software Eng Entry Requirements 3/9/2012   Sophie Bostrom What software/ computer knowledge is usually necessary to study Software Engineering?
0 Payoff of Software Engineering 3/6/2012   Jesper Lind I've heard that software engineering is the engineering of the future, and one of the most lucrative. Is this right? And if so, where are the best schools to study it?
0 Information Technology in Sydney 1/18/2012   Matt Has anyone studied Information Technology in Sydney? I'm interested to pursue my degree in Sydney and would like to get in touch with people who has already done it or are currently studying t...
0 Software Engineering in South Africa 1/18/2012   James Willton I'm interested in studying software engineering in South Africa. Can you recommend any good schools or education programmes for this field? Thanks
0 Computer Engineering in Eastern Europe 1/5/2012   Catherine Winslet Do you have any advice for me for studying computer engineering in Eastern Europe?
0 Scholarships 12/20/2011   Amal Hello, where can I find a scholarship for this?
0 What is software engineering? 8/25/2011   derik I am interested in mobile devices and I want to learn how to design and build the next generation on i phone and i pad devices. Does software engineering cover these topics?

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