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Industrial Engineering

This Industrial Engineering discussion forum is aimed at providing a platform for students interested in the fields of manufacturing / industrial  engineering, to share their experiences, advice and ask each other questions regarding studying in this important field.

Industrial engineers design systems for people and society to improve efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness, as well as the quality of the work environment.

Please feel free to post your questions and in turn, provide feedback and advice to other manufacturing / industrial engineering students' forum posts.

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0 Strategies of OSHA for safety 4/23/2013   AlisMerchant Industrial accidents are on a steady increase, it is essential to curb the multiplying of such accidents. There is wide scope for a safety organisation.
0 Industrial Engineering Jobs 4/26/2012   Angela Locklear What kind of job can I expect to secure upon completion of an industrial engineering education?
0 Industrial Engineering Careers 3/26/2012   Monica Sanders What types of jobs can I get with a degree in Industrial Engineering? Thx
1 ? re: Industrial Engineering 2/9/2012   Richard Finch Can you better explain to me what industrial engineering is? Thanks!
1 Gain a visa for the USA 12/8/2011   Ed About Visa in USA
0 Best Industrial Engineering Programme 8/29/2011   Isabel Flourintine I am interested in studying Industrial Engineering abroad. I come from the United Kingdom, and would ideally like to go somewhere beyond Europe for my education, although I am open to where ex...

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