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Civil Engineering

This Civil Engineering discussion forum is aimed to provide a platform for students interested in the fields of civil/ structural engineering to share their experiences, advice and ask each other questions regarding studying in this technical field.

The study of civil engineering is an education in the engineering of design, construction, and maintenance of both the natural and physical environment.

Please feel free to post your questions and in turn, provide feedback and advice to other civil/ structural engineering students' forum posts.

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Answers Latest conversations
3 I wan to design farming equipment 5/14/2012   Test What kind of engineering course to you recommend if I want to work with farming equipment design?
2 Post Graduation course for engineers 5/1/2012   Kapil Students who have completed their engineering can now take admission in Technical facility management an unique post graduation course offered by INLEAD Gurgaon. The course is mainly designed ...
1 Challenges to Civil Engineering 3/6/2012   Michael Doughlas What are the major hurtles to overcome in civil engineering? I've heard its one of the most difficult types of engineering, but also very interesting... I'm debating which concentration to cho...
1 Trying to Decide... 2/9/2012   Jake Rossman I'm debating between studying civil engineering and structural engineering - are there any courses which combine both?
0 Civil Engineering in Canada 1/25/2012   Carlie Hazel I would like to study Civil Engineering in Canada - do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you!
0 I wanna study in Montreal 1/18/2012   Justin Hi, my name is Justin and I'm from Sacramento, CA. I want to go and study in Montreal and wonder if anyone can recommend a good Civil Engineering Degree over there?
0 Civil Engineering in Germany 1/16/2012   Frank Wiltons What is the best civil engineering education programme in germany for an english speaker?
0 Study in Stockholm 12/20/2011   Antti Hi, I'm from Finland and I've heard that it's great to study Civil Engineering in Stockholm. I'm wondering if KTH is the best one, or is there other schools that are better?
1 What is civil engineering? 5/26/2011   Reena I want to know, what is civil engineering?

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