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Chemical Engineering

This Chemical Engineering discussion forum is aimed to provide a platform for students interested in the fields of chemical / molecular engineering to share their experiences, advice and ask each other questions regarding studying in this complex field.

An education in Chemical Engineering is a study integrating engineering and molecular sciences to solve practical problems or make useful products.

Please feel free to post your questions and, in turn, provide feedback and advice to other Chemical engineering students' forum posts.

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3 Good Universities in Russia 1/12/2017   Chers Hi, I am about to complete my 12 grade and i want to go to Russia for my further study. Can anyone recommend me some good Universities offering Chemical Engineering in Russia. I have also star...
3 Pursue studies 6/23/2015   sainand I am working in India with 23 years industrial experience. I have done a diploma in chemical engineering and I want to graduate in chemical engineering and get a job in Europe or Australia. Is...
1 Requirements for Chemical Engineering 5/4/2012   Jason Targanon I only have studied 1 class of chemistry in high school - is that enough to study be admitted into a chemical engineering university programme?
0 Lab work 3/30/2012   Audrey Mitchell I'm considering studying chemical engineering and am wondering what percentage of a chemical engineer's work actually takes place in a lab?
1 Chemical Engineering in Canada 3/19/2012   Claes Dafgård Hello, I've been looking at pursuing a Chemical Engineering Degree in Canada, preferably Montral, and I've been looking at the Polytechnique Montréal and wondering if anyone who's studi...
0 Chemical Engineering Jobs 3/9/2012   Charlie Steward What are the best job prospects upon completion of a bachelors in chemical engineering?
0 Chemical Engineering in CA 3/6/2012   Emily Garret What chemical engineering education opportunities are there in California?
0 Dangers to Chemical Engineering 2/9/2012   Sofie Boström Are there any serious dangers to studying chemical engineering?
0 Chemical Engineering in Holland 1/27/2012   Isabel Kleric The Netherlands is a great place to study chemical engineering, is it not? I would like information on where is the best place. Thank you
0 Confused 1/18/2012   Sarah hello there, my name is Sarah and I would like to earn a chemical engineering degree and I also wanna study abroad. I'm from Germany and yeah, just not sure where to look or where to go. So I'...
0 Seeking Chemical Engineering Program 9/15/2011   Hudson Rollings Chemical engineering is my passion. I have been seeking a career in chemical engineering but want to learn more! Can someone tell me where the best schools for chemical engineering in the UK a...

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