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Career Opportunities for Mechanical Engineering in Germany - Forum

5/12/2015 11:22 AM   crisrona87

Students with a degree in mechanical engineering in Germany have a very bright future ahead of them. In this country mechanical engineering is the most important industry that has 6,000 companies employing a workforce of more than 964,000 which is larger than any other industrial sector in Germany. If revenues are to be calculated, it is second largest industrial sector in that country.

In the year 2012, the amount of revenue generated was more than €209 billion. It is beneficial if you have done mechanical engineering in Germany. Germany also employs those who do not hold a German degree in the field. The government of Germany has always given extended support and importance to science and technology. Career opportunities for mechanical engineers in Germany are very promising and bright.

This country has the highest number of working engineers which is also the 2nd highest in the entire European Union. Cities like Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin and Munich have a greater number of job vacancies. The German government has also relaxed the terms and conditions needed for a work permit. 

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