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4/24/2012 10:50 AM   Edward Talin

I'm interested in working with cars as a mechanical engineer. Could you recommend some of the best education options for me?

RE: Car Mechanics
5/26/2013 3:16 PM   Gavin

Hello, Great question. In Canada, I attended McMaster University which has a solid Mechanical Engineering program. Due to the location of the school being in Hamilton, Ontario, it is surrounded by many automotive plants such as the Ford Plant in Oakville, Ontario; Chevrolet plant in Oshawa, Ontario; and the Honda plant in Alliston, Ontario. Many of the professors had experience working with these manufacturers and a number of people in my class worked on paid internships leading to full-time jobs with these companies. Good luck on your decision! Sincerely, Gavin Simone, P.Eng

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