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Recently added education programs

Check out our 50 most recently added programs below!

Study Abroad in Australia
Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Master of Science Engineering and Technology (Research)
PhD of Science Engineering and Technology (Research)
Bachelor of Sound and Music for Games
Bachelor of Environmental Science and Technology
Master of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bachelor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Technology and Innovation Management, PhD
Mechanical Engineering, PhD
Information Systems, PhD
Informatics, PhD
Industrial Systems, PhD
Geoinformatics, PhD
Engineering and Environmental Geology Hydrogeology, PhD
Electrical Engineering, PhD
Construction Management, PhD
Civil Engineering, PhD
Biotechnology, PhD
Bioinformatics, PhD
International Winter University at Kassel
International Summer University at Kassel
Master’s Degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Master’s Degree in Pharmacological Research
Master's Degree in Molecular Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Master's Degree in Theoretical Physics
Master's Degree in Biotechnology
Master's Degree in Biomolecules and Cell Dynamics
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Master in Biotechnology of Environment and Health
Master's Degree in Conversion of Electric Power and Power Systems
Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering
University Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering
Master's Degree in Energy Engineering
Master's Degree in Geotechnology and Project Development SIG
Master's Degree in Automation Engineering and Industrial Computing
Master's Degree in Integrity and Durability of Materials, Components and Structures
NCUK International Foundation Year
Master Engineering Systems: Lean Engineering
Product Design and Manufacture including an Integrated Study Abroad Year
Product Design and Manufacture including an Industrial year
Product Design and Manufacture
Pharmaceutical Sciences (with a Year in Industry)
Music and Music Technology
Mechanical Engineering including an Integrated Study Abroad Year
Mechanical Engineering including an Industrial Year
Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering including an Industrial Year
Manufacturing Engineering
Civil / Structural Engineering

Civil/ Structural Engineering educations
Do you enjoy being creative and designing structures? Are you interested in maths and sciences? If so, an education in Civil or Structural Engineering might be for you.

Learn more about the study of Civil and Structural Engineering here and open up your world to endless possibilities!

Biomedical Engineering

Study Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering

Do you enjoy mathematics and life sciences? If so, the study of biomedical or pharmaceutical engineering might be for you!

Find out more about these subjects here, and start a new, promising education in an exciting field of engineering!