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Recently added education programs

Check out our 50 most recently added programs below!

Environmental Modelling
Nature Conservation
Landscape Planning
Environmental Data Science
Geographic information systems and Remote sensing in Environmental Sciences
Environmental Engineering
PhD in Transport Engineering (Autumn)
PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Autumn)
PhD in Measurement Engineering (Autumn)
PhD in Materials Engineering (Autumn)
PhD in Environmental Engineering (Autumn)
PhD in Energetics and Power Engineering (Autumn)
PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Autumn)
PhD in Civil Engineering (Autumn)
PhD in Chemical Engineering (Autumn)
Masters in Aeronautical Engineering (Autumn)
Bachelor in Mechatronics (Autumn)
Master in Vehicle Engineering (Autumn)
Master in Structural and Building Products Engineering (Autumn)
Master in Mechanical Engineering (Autumn)
Master in Industrial Engineering and Management (Autumn)
Master in Electronics Engineering (Autumn)
Master in Control Technologies (Autumn)
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Autumn)
Bachelor in Civil Engineering (Autumn)
Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Welding Engineering
Automotive Computing and Communications
MSc Power Engineering and Sustainable Energy
MSc Communications Engineering
MSc Sustainable Engineering Management for International Dev.
BEng Mechanical Engineering
BEng Aerospace Engineering
MSc Materials Engineering
MSc Engineering Leadership and Management
MSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering
MSc Nanomedicine
BSc Medical Pharmacology
BSc Population Health and Medical Sciences
Space Science and Robotics
Space Science and Robotics
Robotics and Embedded Systems Engineering (with integrated year in industry)
Robotics and Embedded Systems Engineering (with integrated year in industry)
Robotics and Embedded Systems Engineering
Robotics and Embedded Systems Engineering
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
Engineering Physics
Engineering Physics (with integrated year in industry)
Engineering Physics (with integrated year in industry)
Biomedical Engineering

Study Biomedical/ Pharmaceutical Engineering

Do you enjoy mathematics and life sciences? If so, the study of biomedical or pharmaceutical engineering might be for you!

Find out more about these subjects here, and start a new, promising education in an exciting field of engineering!