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Education Courses in Chemical Engineering

Education Courses in Chemical Engineering

Education Courses in Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers aim to produce chemicals by the most economical means possible. In order to achieve this, chemical engineers must study to manage the entire process of chemical production. A degree in chemical engineering designates a responsibility for the design, operation, and construction of chemical production equipment – chemical reactors, piping, etc. – as well as the overall chemical manufacturing plants where this equipment operates.   

Education courses in chemical engineering cover the scientific and engineering principles of technological chemical processes, and include the study of energy balances, mass transfer, and chemical reaction kinetics.  An in-depth knowledge of principles such as transport phenomena, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics is also acquired in the study of chemical engineering.

Those who have earned a degree in chemical engineering have brought about a number of important innovations. Chemical engineers have been instrumental in the development of various energy generation processes such as the creation of fuels from renewable resources and improvements to the refinement of petroleum. Chemical engineers have advanced the design and manufacturing of more efficient electronics such as semiconductor chips, whose capacity is doubling every 18 months. Chemical engineers are fighting global warming through sustainable development, improving techniques to remove hazardous materials from natural environments and reusing waste products.

Education courses toward a degree in chemical engineering are offered around the world, and can be found here:

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